Gary Lake

Frontend engineer and product designer

My name is Gary. I'm a former agency technology-lead getting back to my roots and doing what I love and do best: designing and building great apps, interfaces and experiences.

I help tech companies and startups prototype, visualise and build new products and services at pace.

A portrait of Gary Lake

I have over 18 years expereince designing and building for the web. In that time I have supported prestigious brands such Dyson, Mercedes Benz, Red Bull, BT, BBC and British Cycling.

My broad capability includes the ability to visualise products and services, design them and then build/execute from a frontend/UI perspective. I'm the perfect individual to help you get new digital products off the ground.

I am interested in helping funded, early-stage startups realise and execute their App or SaaS proof-of-concepts, MVPs and launch products.

  • I can support you with:
  • Product refinement, scope, definition and management
  • UI design and look-feel
  • Engineering prototypes, proofs-of-concept and helping launch MVPs
  • Joining/leading/setting up development/product teams

My Skillset

I'm a developer/designer at my core but I've always had to wear the product owner hat along the way since before that was a thing. And in my 18 years of experience I've combined these three disciplines to great affect.

I am able to slot into existing teams and focus on any one of these three roles. Likewise, I can also be the ‘founding memember’, wear all the hats initially, and grow your product and team.

Eitherway, I love designing and developing prototypes, MVPs and launch products at pace, whether that's hands on, or supporting and coordinating existing teams.

Tech Stack

As a developer, I’m primarily a frontend focused UI/UX developer, and semantic, accessible, performant HTML, CSS and Javascript are my core technical skillset.

I can adapt to your existing tech stack but I have a specific focus on VueJS for application frontends and 11ty for static website generation.

I have recently diversified into cross-platform Mobile App development using Ionic Framework and Capacitor.

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