The LAYBL website displayed on a laptop and a mobile phone side by side.


SaaS platform and website design and development


4. A fashionable woman walks with a sign behind her reading "Good Vibes Only"!

I'm a co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Bristol-based sustainable fashion startup LAYBL. I am also our frontend engineer for our SaaS product and mobile app launching later this year. I have also undertaken branding and design work, as well as web design and build for LAYBL.


Since we founded I have designed and built prototypes for the mobile app and dashboard-style web app.

5. A fashionable woman poses in an abandoned water park!

These prototypes were designed in-browser/in-code and built using the static site generator 11ty. This was coupled with Tailwind and some vanilla javascript for interactions and resulted in very high-fidelity and realistic looking/feeling applications to support our funding and research efforts.

SaaS Product Development and Mobile App

I have since started building the real dashboard web application. This is a multi-view SPA and I’m building it using Vue 3 and Vue Router. I’m using Pinia for state management and Tailwind for styles. I’m integrating with a bespoke LAYBL API.

I am also building a cross platform mobile app using the Ionic Framework and Capacitor. Demonstration available on request.

6. LAYBL Brand Dashboard App Prototype built with 11ty

7. LAYBL Consumer Mobile App Prototype built with 11ty

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